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Why should I hang my license with you?

"When one door closes, another opens, but if we look so long at the closed door, we don't see the one that is open for us."  Helen Keller
More Money

The single best payout in the industry.  There is a way to earn as much as 125% of the commission.  The Multi Level Marketing Concept works beautifully here.  With our help to build a team, it's possible that one day you will earn as much from revenue share as you do now working twice as hard.

Revenue Sharing

It will be just as important to meet and recruit new agents as to buy or sell their properties.  Just tell them about your sensational deal and convince them to build their own team and get 100% commission.  You get 4% GCI on their production and 1% of their recruits production.



We want you to be successful so we've set up lead sources for each agent to get a steady flow of leads.  Of course, we will be looking under every rock to find more and distribute them to our agents.  If your successful, we will be too.

Profit Sharing

Profit sharing is rare today and not offered in real estate anywhere.  VeriRealty will give 5% of the profit and split equally with all agents that "cap" for the year.  


VeriRealty has the most aggressive CRM and Transaction Management programs in place.  Everything is in the cloud for you so you can be anywhere with internet connection and be on top of things.  We even have programs for Agent on Demand and 24/7 Open House Programs.

Training and Support

Although we recruit professionals.  You probably know how to do business if you work with us, but real estate is changing at breakneck speed.

We have everything from scripts to documents.  Social Media and Advance Farming Techniques.

We will support you.  We will help you be successful.