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What is the Commission Split?

All Agents begin with 80% Payouts.
100% Payout Over $2,500,000 Sales

After only $2.5M of Gross Sales (assuming 3% commission), an Agent will be considered "capped".  The company dollar caps out at $15,000.  The agent gets 100% of the commission for the rest of the year.

If your Agent recruits another agent, You get 1% of their GCI.

If your recruited agent builds a team of agents, your recruit will get 4% of GCI on their agents and you get 1% GCI of your agent's agents.  

Get 5 Agents who get 5 Agents that "cap" and you earn the equivalent of 125% Split.  You might earn as much revenue share as straight commission.  Now that is amazing!

Recruit another Agent and get 4% of their GCI

Get rewarded!  Simply introduce an agent to this awesome deal and you can get 4% of their GCI for the life of the agent.  They still get their 80-100% payout.  Your override is 4% of the Gross Commission.  How cool is that?

5% Profit Share

No other real estate company does this!  VeriRealty will profit share 5% to every agent who successfully caps.  Once a year agents get an extra check.