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Build Your Business

Multi-Level Real Estate will be your quickest way to success

Build a team with our help.  Get sustained revenue sharing by sponsoring agents.  When your sponsored agents do the same, you can get paid on them too.  Two levels of ongoing revenue for the business life of the agent.  

VeriRealty is a cloud based business. 

No need to pay for fancy offices.  All your tools are provided to your electronic devices.  Work from anywhere.  Close deals anywhere.  Get paid electronically and immediately.

Leads, Automated Contact Management and Transaction Management all provided by the company.

VeriRealty has committed to the cutting edge of real estateOur VIP Buyer Incentives and Seller Programs can be tailored to help you close more deals.  Our Agent on Demand Program allows 24/7 Open House Program captures buyers.  Our Guaranteed Sale Program empowers you to be the most well equipped agent in the business.

Revenue Share and Company Profit Share

When you find a great thing, you tell people.  Right? 

Other agents are going to want to hear how they can make money like you.  When they come on board, you can get 4% of their GCI.  And when they do the same thing, you get 1% of their GCI.  

Profit Share? 

VeriRealty wants you to be rewarded for your hard work.  At the end of the year, you can earn 5% profit share.  Nice!

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